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We have been so encouraged by the responses from churches and individuals.

The response to date indicate that we will be sending over £21,000 to LSESD for their Camp ministry  in 2017.

Thanks to all who have shown their compassion in this way and are making this possible. 

We will close the project in the next few weeks and if there are any further gifts please send them as soon as possible.

A fuller report and details of a possible trip to see the Camp work at first hand will be made available as soon as we close the Project.

 Thank you so much for your partnership in this.


(Stephen Adams - Hon. Secretary IBN)




New project   August 2016

 Can you help  forgotten children






Help for SYRIA’s FORGOTTEN CHILDREN living in Lebanon’s year-round camps.


Baptist Children and Youth Ministry (BYCM) of the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD) hold summer and all-year-round camps and conferences for children and teenagers. They focus on vulnerable children and teenagers who are refugees.

These are often the highlight of the year for many children, providing time and space for them to feel special and make connections with caring leaders in a safe environment.

God’s love for them is expressed through relationships. Often in the camps there is an opportunity to make wider connections with camp volunteers from outside Lebanon.


In November 2016, Irish Baptist Networks (IBN) welcomed Nabil Costa, Executive Director of LSESD to N. Ireland. He shared the challenges that our brothers and sisters face in Lebanon - hopes and dreams for the future of Christians in the Middle East.

As he left us, Nabil requested that IBN would support a camp/conference. IBN is now has establishing a Project to raise £6600 ($8500) to support a camp in Lebanon.


To get an insight into Syria’s Forgotten Children and the work of LSESD view the BMS WORLD MISSION (BMS) video https://reclaimedground.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/syrias-forgotten-families/


TARGET: £6600 to support a Camp/Conference in Beirut. An ambitious target?   Perhaps! However, it provides an opportunity to show direct practical support for this ministry.


Most of us get a holiday of some sort. Let’s demonstrate our practical love and Christian generosity by sharing in this valuable ministry for many children who are... forgotten ... but not by God, or our brothers and sisters involved in LSESD. See their work at www.lsesd.org


Every gift, large or small, will be acknowledged. To ensure accountability all funds will be transferred by IBN to LSESD through BMS which has well established bank processes for this as LSESD is their leading partner mission organisation in Lebanon.

Nabil is a BMS director. We appreciate their practical help with this Project.


Once we have met the project target we will then explore how a group from Irish Baptist Churches can visit Beirut (in 2017?) to see the vital and wide-ranging ministries of LSESD. Our support comes first — then we hope to arrange an educational mission visit.


Please make your personal/church gift payable to Irish Baptist Networks and send it to The Hon. Secretary, Irish Baptist Networks, 1 Barronstown Court, Dromore. BT25 1FB -- marked for “Lebanon-Syrian Children Project”.   All gifts can be Gift-Aided to Irish Baptist Networks   http://www.ibnetworks.org/gift_aid_form_ibn_3.html

Gifts can be sent by BACS: Contact Stephen Adams stephen.adams@ibnetworks for details.

Organised by in partnership with BMS        to to support LSESD



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