Dear IBN members and Friends,


Greetings as we anticipate the coming of the Saviour of the world over this Advent season.

We did not intend sending you another email so soon but would value your prayers for the situation in Albania which suffered a 6.4 earthquake on November 26th and is currently experiencing subsequent aftershocks. News coverage here has been sparse.

Our friends in the European Baptist Family have sent us some information indicating the extent of the disruption. Edmond Palucaj, the President of Albania Baptist Union, is a lovely brother whom I see each year at EBF Council.

One of our IBN members, Scott Ballantine who leads Adopt a Child (which has recently enabled a great ministry in Albania offering Christianity Explored to the churches there), has confirmed to me that they have over 300 people in Pogradec who have fled the quake. Their Living Water - Adopt A Child Team will start feeding these folks who’ve been made homeless and are living in tents.  Scott asks us to pray for the resources to enable them to do this, and that in all this God would be glorified and Jesus shared!

We are conscious that IBN has just issued 2 Advent /Christmas appeals in the past week for ongoing vital winter relief work in Lebanon and Ukraine. The response so far has been really encouraging. Additionally, we ask you to please pray for our brothers and sisters in Albania as they provide immediate support and longer-term planning to offer help and support in Christ's name.  Pray for the churches’ witness to government at this time of severe need.

Should some of you wish to send a gift to support the relief efforts, IBN will accept any gifts and pass them on promptly through either EBF or Adopt a Child. We can guarantee that all gifts will be channelled directly to organisations working in Christ's name whom we know and can trust to provide immediate relief or longer-term steps to help restore people to homes and their communities.

In my devotions this morning I was prompted to read and ponder on several verses... 1 John 3 vs 17&18...   Thank you for enabling IBN, over the years, to love brothers and sisters in need and reach out to those who don't yet know Christ with not just words but with "actions and in truth".


Every blessing

Stephen Adams

Hon Sec IBN


6 Millturn View

Dromore BT25 1HG


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