Is our response to Climate Change a discipleship matter?


We have invited representatives from Tear Fund, A Rocha, Eco-Congregation and Jubilee Farm to join us and contribute to the discussion, offering information and insights on their respective work.  

Climate Change issues have been constantly in the news recently... with the Extinction Rebellion Rallies ... with a 16 year old Swedish schoolgirl, Greta Thunberg, inspiring many and addressing the House of Commons... with Sir David Attenborough’s TV programmes on Climate

Change....and with the recent U N study warning that... “human activity is eroding nature’s ability  to sustain life on earth...with future generations at risk of starvation and thirst.”

John Weaver is a scientist who became a Baptist Minister. He is the Chair of the

International Baptist Theological Studies Centre, Amsterdam, was a College tutor in

Oxford and was Principal of South Wales Baptist College. A former president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, John is now its spokesperson and advisor on environmental issues. He is a Vice President of the John Ray Initiative connecting Environment, Science and Christianity.


This event should be of interest to all ages.  Please share this invitation.

The programme will run from 7:30pm to 9:15pm followed by tea and coffee.

The offering on the evening will be shared between the organisations taking part.

 face 2 face (2 John:12) events aim to address topical issues through challenging and gracious engagement.


*Thanks to Windsor Baptist Church for accommodating this evening.

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