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We launched this Project in AUGUST 2016 trusting we would raise $8500 (about £7000). It was a step of faith but we believed it to be what God wanted us to do. God, as ever, is so good and the response from seven churches and personal donors has exceeded all our expectations.


WE CLOSED THE PROJECT last week and sent £22,600 to BMS World Mission to forward on our behalf to the Lebanese Baptist Society – LSESD.  We have agreed with LSESD that these funds will be used to fully support TWO camps for vulnerable Syrian refugee children. LSESD had two of their 2017 camps not funded so this gift is seen as God’s provision for that specific need.  The dates for the two camps are 23-25 MARCH and 20-23 APRIL.  All surplus funds from these camps will be used for ongoing support for children attending these and other camps.


Please pray for the two camps which you have had a share in supporting. Eternity alone will reveal the significance of these special days for these most unfortunate children.

IBN assures you of our profound thanks for your part in this incredibly worthwhile project.


Additional thanks is expressed by …..


Colin Gibson, the Project officer for these camps ..... The projected amount is truly impressive and we are most grateful for your support. As we do for all donors, we will be sending you a report on the Camps, including pictures, in due course.


Alia Abboud .... I add my voice to that of my colleagues and thank you and our fellow sisters and brothers for this gracious gift that will bring joy to our children. Thanks as well to our mutual friends and partners at BMS.  May God richly bless you all.


Nabil Costa .... Blessings and much appreciation. May God bless all your efforts.



Nabil and Colin have both extended a further invitation for a visit to Beirut to see, firsthand, their Camp and other work. They are suggesting the Autumn of 2017 or early 2018. We know of some folk who are interested and we are now open to explore possibilities. Please get in touch if you are interested by emailing ... stephen.adams@ibnetworks.org



Thanks for your generosity and compassion. May God bless you as you continue to be a means of blessing others.



Grace and Peace from us, on behalf of Irish Baptist Networks


Stephen Adams           Hadden Wilson            Daniela Campbell  

      (Hon. Secretary)           (Chairman)                    (Hon Treasurer)            



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