Please pray for our brothers and sisters in LISICHANSK, TRANSFORMATION  

CHURCH as they serve God in the controlled territories of EASTERN UKRAINE. 



 EBF Christmas & New Year Appeal

Hope for Eastern Ukraine


Comfort, comfort my people, says your God. Isaiah 40:1




 As the people in the occupied territories in Eastern Ukraine face the upcoming winter, their situation is deteriorating.


The military conflict there has continued since 2014 and the Ukrainian economy is growing weaker. MARTIAL LAW was declared on 26 November restricting movements and activities.  The possibilities of sustaining their livelihoods and normal church activities are diminished.




In addition, the Baptist churches in the “Lugansk Peoples Republic (LPR)” are forced to survive under conditions of oppression. The new religious law, introduced in “LPR” earlier this year restricts religious freedom, and threatens the very existence of nearly all religious groups and networks. Prayer houses are in danger of being confiscated, and worship services banned.


Currently, there are 40 Baptist churches in the occupied territories of the Lugansk region and 43 in Donetsk region, with a total of approximately 4,800 members.


In this situation, the Baptist Union of Ukraine is working together with international organisations on influencing public opinion and creating international pressure on the violations of religious freedom.


At the same time there is a tremendous need to financially support the pastors in the occupied territories in order to help them to stay there and embody God’s Kingdom for local people. This is in a situation where the political and economic conditions are forcing many people to leave.


Through the European Baptist Federation (EBF) you can help these Ukrainian pastors to follow their calling and remain in the occupied territories to bring hope in Jesus’ name to local people. 

The leadership of the Baptist Union of Ukraine has identified the following financial needs to help the pastors to stay in the occupied territories:


  • 24 pastors
  • 150 Euros per month per person
  • 500 Euros for one month
  • 000 Euros for the 4-month period from December 2018 till March 2019


Together we can respond to this need and make the Advent Hope real and tangible for many people in Eastern Ukraine.

All donations should be forwarded to:

Irish Baptist Networks

c/o 6 Millturn View

DROMORE  Co. Down   BT25 1HG

Please keep these Ukrainian pastors in your prayers. Help them to remain in the occupied territories by sending donations to Irish Baptist Networks.  (Gift Aid is available for personal gifts). For any further information please contact:   THANK YOU!