Supporting Camps for Vulnerable Children

The Baptist Children and Youth Ministry [BCYM] is a ministry of the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD). Our principle, and most popular, events are a number of 3 day camps that we hold throughout the year for vulnerable children and teenagers. These are non-residential camps with the same children attending each day. Focussing on the same children allows us to build up a better relationship with them over the 3 days, which we further follow up at our weekly one day Kids Clubs which many of the children also attend. The daily programme consists of a wide variety of activities including: Bible studies, devotions, worship time, sports and games, arts and crafts.

This short report covers the two camps supported financially by the Irish Baptist Network:

 Thursday - Saturday 23-25 March at a partner church in Zahle, Eastern Lebanon for Syrian refugee children
 Tuesday - Thursday 23-25 May at Bsifreen, east of Beirut for children from the Home of Hope*.

*The Home of Hope is run by another Christian charity and provides a home for orphans, street children and children who have been abused or trafficked. Most are referred to the Home by the Courts or social services and most are now refugees from Syria.
Aims and Objectives
Our camps have the following objectives-
To show the children:
 God’s love through the activities, Bible study and worship times and by providing a safe and positive environment in which they can have fun.
 That their circumstances don’t define them and to counter the negative thoughts and emotions they may have as a result of the experiences they have been through.
 That they are precious and loved.
In the longer term our hope is that the children will grow in their faith in God and become active in their communities in a positive way.