invites you to

a face 2 face evening

with Paul Coulter


at 7:30pm in Holywood Baptist Church*

67 Belfast Road, Holywood BT18 6ES

Closed Fist and Open Hand...

handling potentially divisive issues with grace... and truth


Christian unity in contemporary society is threatened by the challenges of responding to changing moral and social values, declining denominational loyalties and a proliferation of new expressions of church. Such challenges are not new. 

The Apostle Paul wrote: "...there must be factions among you so those who are approved may be recognised" (1 Cor. 11 v 19).  Division is not always negative. Indeed, it is sometimes essential; but divisiveness is never good.


In this interactive event, Paul Coulter will propose some principles on how grace and truth can shape both our unity and our divisions.


Paul was previously a junior doctor, a pastor with the Chinese Church and director of youth and equipping ministries in Glenabbey Church. He currently teaches in Belfast Bible College and is a Council member of Evangelical Alliance UK.  Paul speaks and writes on gospel and culture, church and mission, apologetics and ethics. He treks on two wheels around country roads near Lisburn, where he lives with his wife

Gar-Ling and their two children, Joseph and Hannah.


There will be time for discussion.  This event is open to everyone. Please feel free to share this invitation.  The programme will run from 7.30 to 9.15pm followed by tea and coffee.


face 2 face (2 John:12) events aim to address topical issues through challenging and gracious engagement.      


* Thanks to Holywood Baptist Church for accommodating this evening.

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